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in Medical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine
Chulalongkorn University

Our program provides opportunities and hand-on experiences which are important for the development and expansion of candidates’ skills to conduct good research.

The Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, founded in 1947, emphasizes academic excellence through diversified medical concentrations in our graduate and postgraduate programs.  With over 70 years of experience and international collaborations, our strong medical heritage anchors our efforts to propel our program into uncharted frontiers in medicine. To this day, the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and biomedical research.  The faculty continually leads the way in postgraduate training, research development, and healthcare excellence.

The program in Medical Sciences is an integration of in-depth research in medical sciences and innovations from various disciplines to come up with a new body of knowledge. The program aims at producing academicians and researchers for our society and to be widely accepted nationally and internationally.

Our curriculum focuses on various fields in medical sciences, namely

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One of Asia’s Leading Medical Schools

The Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University is ranked in the top 50 of Asia’s leading medical schools by QS World University Rankings in 2015 – 2020.  Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020 based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ranks Chulalongkorn University among 101-200 (among 766 universities from 85 countries). The Faculty of Medicine is also certified by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).  We publish over 400 publications in international journals annually.  We also have close cooperation and strategic partnerships with over 100 leading medical institutions and medical research from around the world, e.g. WHO, NIH, MD Anderson Cancer Institutes, and University of Liverpool, to name a few.  This is strong evidence of our highest teaching and learning standards and our strong commitment to world excellence.


Excellence in Research and International Opportunities

Our program focuses mainly on in-depth research in various areas of clinical sciences to create a new body of knowledge. Our students will gain extensive research experience in working at Chulalongkorn’s Center of Excellence (CE), Research Unit (RU), Medical Research Center (MRC), and Clinical Research Center (CRC).  We encourage our students to publish their work in first-line international peer-reviewed journals and to present their work at international conferences.


High Employability

Our graduates are skilled and knowledgeable in cutting-edge research which contributes to a new body of knowledge that can be applied to patients care.  Many of our students produce internationally accepted research projects and findings that they received numerous awards bringing great reputation to our Faculty and the university.  Since the establishment of the program in 2015, most of alumni have been successful and become academic staffs and researchers at leading universities or work at the tertiary care/university hospitals in Thailand and other countries. The great satisfaction levels on the desired characteristics of graduates have been annually and continuously reported from the employers.

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Career possibilities

Our graduates can become professors and pre-clinic-researchers for many faculties including Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary, Faculty of Medical Technology, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Health Science. Also, they can conduct innovative research in different branches of medical sciences.